Thursday, September 24, 2015

Twenty One Pilots Stressed Out!! The Video that Replaced "What does the fox say?"

Lately, My kids and I have become obsessed with this video. I think it has to do with the awesome handshake and the Big Wheel Bicycles. My youngest and I listen to it nearly every night. My husband is a bit over it. What do you think?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Adventure Journal (Bucket list) In Newaygo, County Michigan and beyond. Meteor showers, stargazing and more

Did you make a Summer bucket list? We have a "Summer Adventure Journal and Scrapbook" which was made as part of the Faith that Sticks Summer Project Giveaway!  I found today that I forgot to press Publish on this post. That means it may be too late for some things on this list. ( Like growing your own watermelon or Pumpkin) There are still many things left to do on here. Some are good for Rainy days also.   We have been working on ours all summer and have went out of town for a few field Trips. I will be sharing those as I get the time. We have also been School Clothes Shopping as we countdown the Days to September 8th, Which is the first day of school as well as Matthew's 5th Birthday. :)

  •  Pick  wildflowers  for someone special.
  •  Have a footrace in the  backyard   or a park.
  •    Practice riding your bicycle.
  • Have a campfire and make S’mores.
  •  Grow your own watermelon and eat it at the end of summer.
  •  Go to the beach. (Hint:  Don't   forget sunscreen)
  •  Grow a garden.
  •  Play catch.
  •  Learn proper puppy care.
  •  Watch the sunset.
  •   Watch the sun rise.
  • Grow your own  Pumpkin  to  carve  at  Halloween.  (If you  celebrate  Halloween) 

  •  Look online to see if there are any meteor showers happening over the summer to watch.  (Hint: Use an online search to find out when they are.)
  • Visit a Zoo.
  •  Go fishing.
  •  Make homemade instruments and play marching band.
  •  Have a family dance.
  •  Make a back to school, shopping list.
  •  Pack your bag for the first day of school.
  •  Play Tickle monster.
  •  Pass a secret around and see what it sounds like when it gets back to the beginning.
  •  Join a summer reading program.

  •  Attend Vacation Bible School
  •  Go geocaching (Hint: Use an online search to find out more about this hobby,”
  •  Play Frisbee golf somewhere.   (Hint: Perform an online search to find rules and a course in your area.)
  • Plan a walking course for your family. Try to include a large flight of stairs to climb. (Hint: Perform a search online to find walking paths or hiking trails in your area.)

  •  Have a Tea Party.
  •  Invite another family over for a water battle.
  •  Go to a concert.
  •  Go on a trip out of the state.

  •   Have a video game tournament.
  • Perform a play.
  • Have a Family Game day.
  • Invite another family over for a field day and play outdoor games against each other.
  • Attend an event in your town. 

What is on your Summer Adventure list?  Let us know in the comments.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Croton Summer Recreation for kids 2015 June - August

Croton Summer Recreation

June through August 

Find them on Facebook

Fireworks 2015 Newaygo County Hesperia Fremont and Croton Michigan

Hesperia Croton Fremont

Hesperia 4th of July Family Fun Fest
Date:  July 4, 2015 at 10:00 P.M.
Where: Downtown Hesperia
M-20 and M-120 

City/State/Zip: HesperiaMichigan 49421
County: Newaygo County
Event Phone: 231-854-5135
Event Website:  
Admission: Fireworks are free; some events/activities may include a fee 
Event Details: Below